Aggravation with Therapy

Noticed how I said “Aggravation with Therapy” not Aggravation AT Therapy”.

Took Miss Sunshine to her usual place for her twice weekly therapy today. Lately when we go there have been tons of people and kids in the waiting room. Good for the place, bad for Miss Sunshine. It sets her off for some reason. She runs back and forth the length of the waiting room, she walks on all the chairs, pushes objects off the chairs, she takes pamphlets out of the brochure holders, drops cards on the floor, kicks the magazine stands, she touching everything and everyone, invades everyone’s personal space and on rare occasion pushes people out of her way.

The therapists who work there are very used to this from her and several other kids there. I mean come one, she has an Autism Spectrum Disorder as do many others that go there. That is way she is there for Jimmie’s Sake!

Well, first, after some of her usual running and dropping things, she threw a Mom’s bag on the floor and the woman literally got angry with her, gave me the nastiest look ever and told Miss Sunshine like 5 times to say she was sorry which she FINALLY did. I said she was very lucky miss Sunshine said anything and the woman shot me another very nasty look and said something to her therapist but, I didn’t hear it. I figured I would just say something to our therapist when it was our turn because it seemed a tad inappropriate for a place like this for someone to get angry over Miss Sunshine’s behavior. However the best was yet to come.

Miss Sunshine went and grabbed all the brochures again, the waiting room got terribly over crowded and I grabbed the brochures before she threw them. As I turned around, I saw Miss Sunshine just passed a very small boy and his father yelling ” What the hell is wrong with that girl!!!” I picked her up, ran inside the main room and told them if it wasn’t our turn now we were leaving as tears streamed down my face. One incident I could take but not two in one day.

I should have said something like she has Autism and AD/HD what is wrong with your kid that it is here for therapy? but I missed my opportunity. How dare he!! Every single child in that place was in there for some type of therapy! They all have something that needs to be worked on. Mine just had a tad more than most waiting in that room at that moment. I would have NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS EVER said anything like that even in a place that was not supposed to be therapeutic. How DARE HE or any other parent give dirty looks, frown at another parent or actually say something. So disrespectful. So hurtful.


5 Responses to “Aggravation with Therapy”

  1. Sally Says:

    I am so sorry that that happened to you and Miss Sunshine. It is amazing how rude, mean, and disrespectful some people can be! After a day like that, your husband should have made YOU dinner. ;o)

    Hang in there.

  2. Alexis Says:

    I am a teacher’s assistant and work with children with anything from ADD/ ADHD, Torettes, OCD, Bipolar and various forms of Autism. I also work in a psychiatric hospital with adults with the same disorders who I’ve had to take to the Dr. So I understand how you are feeling and I would have done the same thing. I would have probably responded to the man by saying ” I didn’t ask you what’s wrong with your kid so mind your own business!!!” But I get very defensive in those situations. And I agree your husband should have made you supper.

  3. Amanda Says:

    I am totally with you. People that are in that kind of environment need to be understanding of WHY they are there… and not pass judgement.

    Sounds very stressful. Perhaps they have a more private area that you could wait in when you come in, so as not to upset Miss Sunshine (who gives a rats butt about these other people!)? My son is easily stimulated and doesn’t do well in waiting-room situations, either. Now I walk him around in situations like these and it helps. Sometimes I’ll bring a book or something he hasn’t seen in a long time (small toy or book) and that seems to help.

    I’m sorry you had a lousy day.

  4. Miss Me Says:

    i don’t know what to say… little miss sunshine was there for a reason, as were other people’s kids – i would have expected a great deal more in the way of compassion and empathy.
    and yes, you deserved to have dinner made, served and cleaned up by someone else!

  5. myhobbyisyarn Says:

    Aw that sucks! I’m sure it’s happened to other parent there (not that it will make you feel any better). It’s too bad that everyone had to be so nasty. It’s not the same, but I have the naughtiest kids no matter where I go, and when I get dirty looks and nasty comments, I tell them that they can feel better now because they’re better parents with better kids. Hopefully next time it’s not as crowded.

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