Getting Connected With The School District

I registered Miss Sunshine for Kindergarten March 17th. Our district has a central registration office and even though the schools were on vacation, they were registering kids all week. I went with all the proper stuff including her IEP from the county IU and psychological evaluation. That was a Monday. On Wednesday, the elementary school Psychologist calls me to tell me she had Miss Sunshine’s paper work and she would be sending me a packet of information for me to fill out. It arrived Friday. The packet was HUGE and took me a week to fill out everything. The school Psychologist called me today to tell me she received everything and thanked me for getting everything to her so quickly. She also said that any other reports I might have on Miss Sunshine would be very helpful. Anything from the Developmental Pediatrician or anyone else. I definitely more than happy to sent them too her if it will help her evaluate Miss Sunshine better.

I also asked, since I keep getting road blocks at the IU, if they would do a functional behavior analysis on Miss Sunshine. The School Psychologist was more than happy to oblige.

I can use the Princess as a courier to transport documents back and forth since she goes to that elementary school right now and it will go a bit faster as well. For right now, it sounds like the School Psychologist is working with us, not against us which will help make this transition smoother. It also helps that we are willing to give the School Psychologist as much information as we have as possible.

This process does take a lot out of you and filling out those forms does seem very repetitive but in the need, if Miss Sunshine gets what she needs, the entire process will be well worth it.


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