Psychological Second Opinion

We went to Indian Creek Foundation for Miss Sunshine’s first evaluation for Wraparound sevices. When we finally get around to the psycologist he was more concerned with Miss Sunshine climbing on the furniture, the window sill and her taking off her clothes which all happen to be huge issues of hers that actually contuncting an evaluation. I should have gone with my gut instict and let her do what she wanted or ended the interview right then and there but, I didn’t.

The psycologist ended up giving Miss Sunshine 4 hours of BSC and only 6 hours of TSS. Oh and Indian Creek, after all of this that took 4 months and several calls to them and Megellian, could not provide the services. Took another month and a half to find a provider. As soon as the Behavior Consultant took one look at Miss Sunshine, he said they gave her how many hours of TSS? Is the psycologist kidding you? He read the report 3 times in disbelief and came to see me and said to me I need another opinion or just have another psycologist read the report the first one wrote because it was ridiculous that he only gave 6 hours of TSS. She needed a lot more hours just from the report if not from just watching her for half an hour.

The second opinion psycologist decided to double Miss Sunshine’s TSS hours to 12 hours and the only reason she didn’t want to say full time is because she wants Miss Sunshine to have some kind of Autism inclusion class and also to be in a regular class with a shadow as well. I guess I am okay with that.

I get so much anxiety before going to these appointments and get so depressed afterwards. Beforehand the entire gambit of things goes through my mind. Miss Sunshine really isn’t on the spectrum (every parent’s dream), well then why does she exhibit these behaviours? Or she is much worse than we originally led you to believe and we think she needs to go to a speciality school. Afterwards and they tell you their thoughts, which are different than the previous psychologist and different than the developmental pediatrician even, you have mixed feelings and feel a bit depressed. I even feel a bit guilty.

I went back to work on a more full time basis and I don’t get to be around Miss Sunshine as often any more. Now that I have stepped away from her this past month, I have seen a bit of what others have seen in her. I now see more of her stims, her mumbles and non-verbal communications, her repeating, her movements, her speed and still see her amazingness and see my little girl.

The school district has just begun their evaluation of her. Makes me a tad nervous for her and I hope I don’t yet again have to fight for what she needs. It seems an endless battle. I am still battling with the IU for services, mind you.

I hope this new evaluation will come into play soon and Miss Sunshine can get the services she so desperately needs this spring and summer before school starts. When she does get services, she does thrive and they do benefit her.


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