A Definition I Really Liked

The University of Arizona and Chapel Haven came out with a new program for graduate of High School looking for higher learning who are also on the Autism spectrum. It looks like it is going to be am amazing program and I hope it still exists when we begin to look for such a program for Little Miss Sunshine. It appears as though it strives for a students learning and their own independence as well.

The article which explains some of the program, did however have a great definition of Autism that i want to remember so I am keeping it here for safe keeping.

“Autism is a brain disorder affecting a person’s ability to communicate, reason and interact with others. People with autism are socially awkward and miss obvious social cues.”

In a time like today where the number 3 conservative radio talk show host thinks that Autism is a bunch of fakes and we are full of it, we need to pull together as family and close friends. Ignore morons and idiots who do not live day to day with these precious little angels and pull out quotes and saying that make us say, “YES!, that makes more sense to me!!”


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